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The Deep Web

For our deep dive presentation, our group wanted to explore a part of the web that was mysterious yet well-known – the deep web. Our presentation aimed to:

  1. Introduce the deep web to people who did not know of its existence or knew very little about it;
  2. Clarify misconceptions about the deep web such as the deep web and the dark web being synonymously used;
  3. Provide examples of how the deep web is being used;
  4. Give a tour of the deep web.

The presentation was divided into four main sections: the introduction, the examples, the interactive activity and the discussion. The main purpose of the introduction was to provide background knowledge to the deep web. Therefore, this section incorporated answers to questions such as what is the deep web and how does the deep web work.


  1. What is the deep web? (differences between the surface web, deep web and dark web)
  2. How does the deep web work? (the onion router, Tor browser)
  3. Interactive activity: go to on Tor browser, share what country you are in, explain how route your computer takes to end up at the particular country’s google page
  4. Interesting deep web user statistics


  1. How to get busted (anonymity on the deep web)
  2. Sharebox (the “good” part of the deep web)
  3. Aaron Brown (creating a fake identity)


  1. Entering a group chat
  2. Giving a tour of the deep web
  3. Making an email account and sending an email


Asking questions, sharing thoughts etc.

Check out the presentation here.

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