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In-Studio Reporter On-Site Reporter Expert Scientist Commercial Presenter Script:

[Radio Introduction Sound]

In-Studio Reporter:Hello dear listeners, this is BBS News letting you know the latest in prehistoric events. The date is October 27th, 65 million BC, and we are reporting live from our studio and we have just been notified that a meteor has reportedly been seen falling from the sky in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Reports say that panic is spreading among the dinosaur population there since this event may have catastrophic consequences. In order to get our dear listeners right in the action, we have one of our reporters on-site, to let us know exactly what is happening. Come in Jacquie. Hello?

On-Site Reporter:Hello, Pablo I am right here in the Yucatan Peninsula and panic is spreading among the dinosaur population because of the large meteor that seems to be falling from the sky. Many families of dinosaurs seem to be evacuating the area, looking for shelter in the nearby caves. The government has declared a state of emergency. Experts believe that roughly ¾ of all species at risk of extinction.

In-Studio Reporter:Thank you, Jacquie. And now, a word from our sponsors.

[Advertisement Sound]

Commercial Presenter:Have you ever desired the smooth sensation of cold, scaly lizard leather against your skin? Then wait no more, introducing the latest in Dino Fashion, we are presenting the Fall 65 million BC collection of cold, scaly lizard skin handbags and shoes. Visit and enter the code METEORSTRIKE for a 25% discount. Available while stocks last.

In-Studio Reporter:And now, back to the news. Reports are telling me that the situation has just worsened. We are going back to Jacquie, our onsite reporter, to find out more about this meteor strike.

On-Site Reporter:Hi again, Pablo. The meteor is now up in flames and getting closer to us. Panic is spreading among the dinosaurs, I see groups of triceratops heading North, while what seems like ten velociraptors are trying to get ahead of them. Oh wait, the meteor is almost upon us, I don’t think we are going to have enough time to…

[Sound of meteor striking, then static]

In-Studio Reporter: Oh no… Looks like we just lost Jacquie. Ladies and gentlemen, let us pause for a moment of silence to remember those we’ve lost.


In-Studio Reporter:This is a sad day in the history of the world. We will now communicate with our resident expert in order to properly understand the magnitude of this event. Come in Seoyoung, hello?

Expert:My name is Seoyoung and I am the chief scientist in the Korean National Reptilian Institute. Our experts have predicted that nothing on the Yucatan Peninsula could have survived a meteor strike of that magnitude. Destructive pressure waves, global wildfires, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and every natural disaster you could possibly think of would have been a consequence of this meteor.

In-Studio Reporter:Thank you very much Seoyoung. Today is a really sad day for our reptilian counterparts…

Oh wait, we are getting a signal in our feed. Hello? Hello? Who is this? Please identify yourself.

On-Site Reporter:Hi Pablo! Its Jacqui! (panting) I had to run but I managed to escape (pant) I can’t say the same of our dinosaur friends. Hopefully some survived the blast in other parts of the world.

In-Studio Reporter:Oh thank the Lord!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!


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